Is HMRC Good at Delivering Online services

Posted on: February 4, 2016 by in Accounting
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Are HMRC providing a fair platform to Small Business Tax

In a recent survey, it appears that HMRC is not great at delivering online services for small business’s in the United Kingdom.

Many small business’s complained at there are two standards for UK Businesses, those that follow the rules and those that bend the rules. It is commonly felt that small business’s have very little rights and can often be bullied in a complex environment where many small business owners do not know the rules.

Yet large Business’s such as Amazon, Ebay, Google, starbucks and many more are allocated an account manager by HMRC who will work with the larger firms to agree a tax value sometimes not in line with smaller firms.

When it comes to HMRC’s record on delivering Online services this is not great, UK taxation is hugely complex, and presents serious and considerable challenges to deal with the complexity of our tax system in designing any online tax service.

Rather than handing out criticism – which it is undeniably easy for the Chair of the PAC to do – the PAC should recognise the need to be more constructive in helping HMRC to achieve this goal and at least cost to the taxpayer.

Unfortunately, I believe, we instead have the resignation of its Chief Executive and the challenge of finding anyone else willing to both rise to this task and simultaneously face the PAC’s now almost expected criticism.

HMRC Common Goals

I do believe there are better ways of supporting small business and HMRC to achieve a common goals of revenue payments.

Here at Accountant Stoke Pro we listen to our customers, many of whom are small business’s, self employed and contractors, many people say the same thing, Tax is Complicated and HMRC are to big to deal with.

We hope the the incoming head of HMRC will better consider the needs of the UK Small business and its stated goals of online services.